GAAE Student Spotlight

Name of School: Maceo A. Horne Learning Center
County: Valdosta City Schools

Student name: Carlos Gosier

Grade: 7th Grade
Date of Activity: January 24, 2019
Description of Activity/Student’s Work:

The Spelling Bee is an activity that schools participate in for the top spellers across the country to hopefully make it to Washington D.C. as a participant in the National Scripps Spelling Bee. Maceo A. Horne Learning Center’s held its school wide Spelling Bee for middle grades and it was a heated showcase as students spelled challenging words.

Carlos Gosier is a 7th grader who has demonstrated high academic skillset. He participated in MAHLC’s Spelling Bee and won the contest! He was one of the thirteen participants from middle grades. After completing eight rounds, the student was left standing in the championship round against his cousin. The words he spelled correctly were “knelt” and “discomfort” to win the first place trophy. His mother and aunt were present and started cheering for his success!!! We say congratulations to Carlos as he begin preparing for Valdosta City School’s District Spelling Bee.

Submitted By: K. Alan Hose, Principal
Date of Submission: January 24, 2019

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